The Radiant Heating Stone

Radiant heat... the source of life!

The benefits of radiant heat, also known as infrared heat or thermal radiation, have been known since the dawn of humanity. The first and most powerful emitter of radiant heat in our solar system is the sun. Today, the innovative German company Thermostone has brought together healthy radiant heating, electricity and elegant natural stone to create a brand new type of radiator, the elith Natural Stone Radiator. Health, wellness, natural heat and efficiency, elegant design and respect for the environment, made possible by advances in technology and the unsurpassable properties of natural stone.

Welcome to the world of elegant heating with Natural Stones 

For more than 20 years now, Thermostone is offering natural, cozy warmth in such elegant design, that only nature itself could have made possible. Each of our radiators is an individual item, crafted from the finest raw materials and manufactured with scrupulous attention to detail, in order to meet the highest standards. 

What does radiant heat offer?

ELITH Natural Stone Radiators are both functional and economical. Infrared waves transfer thermal energy directly to objects and the surrounding walls without losing heat into the air. Therefore, rooms are fully heated without any loss of energy.   

Users of the ELITH natural stone radiators enjoy a high quality of warmth in an environment with ideal humidity that is free from the dust and microorganisms that are stirred up by conventional convection heaters. 

Why is radiant heating better than conventional heating? 

Superior, natural quality warmth

Radiant heating systems don't heat the air, instead they transfer thermal radiation directly onto the solid objects in a space. There is an equal and stable distribution of heat throughout the space while the air itself remains cool, eliminating the draughts that spread dust and bacteria.

Increased cost efficiency

Natural stone radiators boast one great advantage : due to their large thermal capacity, they retain their heat and emit heat for much longer. Furthermore, they can be set to operate at off-peak electricity rates.    

Stress-free operation

Another important feature of natural stone radiators is that they have no moving parts to maintain or replace. This means that they are extremely hard 
wearing with great durability. 

Simple, convenient and versatile

Natural stone radiators are easily and quickly installed in a position of your choice: low, high on the wall or even on the ceiling. Their unique advantage is that they can be connected to a thermostat without adding any extra wiring. By creating separate heat zones for the different needs of each part of your space, you can cut down even more on energy costs.   

What does marble offer as a natural stone?


Natural stone radiators are very different from usual heating systems; in fact, they far surpass any conventional device. 

Marble is inextricably linked with man’s history. Apart from their matchless aesthetic quality, marble and other natural stones are chosen as the basic construction material for our radiators for various reasons.    

Marble is a pure product and indisputably hard-wearing. The heat capacity of the material makes it extremely efficient as it accumulates and emits infrared heat, making for great energy saving.

Nature has exhibited its artistic brilliance in every piece of marble. The unique and lengthy process of shaping each natural stone gives it its distinct and diverse shapes. Furthermore, it comes in many hues and textures allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into every space as if it were a single unbroken entity.

The stones and their origins

We select only the highest quality stones that the earth offers up, each one with its distinct character and accompanied by its own story. Choose the type which best suits your tastes from amongst the 12 superb varieties ELITH makes available.  

* More stones are available upon request.

Simple, fast and clean installation

ELITH radiators can be placed either vertically or horizontally on the wall. Whichever way you choose, mounting is extremely straightforward. The connecting cables and the made-for-purpose wall brackets are discreetly placed behind the radiator, while the distance from the wall is 4cm. Their operation is easily and simply controlled by a room thermostat. 

ELITH radiators are available in a broad range of sizes or can be custom-made to your requirements.

More about ELITH

Reliability, functionality, design: our philosophy in a nutshell. 

Thermostone is a pioneering manufacturing company, providing reliability and professionalism in its unique radiant heating products. Based in Germany, we have production facilities in Germany and Greece.   

Our production is based on the highest quality and safety standards and the company meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard, certified by TUV Saarland. The company is subject to annual controls by certification organisations, thus contributing to its excellent product safety.

Our radiators are made from natural stone, selected from the best available worldwide. State-of-the-art equipment and strictly trained staff assure the unique value of each and every natural stone radiator.  


Our products are fully certified by the renowned German certification body VDE and comply to all necessary VDE/EN/IEC standards.

Interested in our Natural Stone Radiators? 

Contact us via 2411 7228 or cs@azl.com.hk, our radiant heat specialists will give you all the support you need.

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